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Republicans Favor Missouri Puppy Mills over Voters

Just watched Rachel Maddow‘s  show on MSNBC, and learned that a recent law approved by the Missouri voters has been essentially emasculated by the Republican majority in the Missouri state legislature.  The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act (Proposition B) was an effort by Missouri voters to bring about more humane conditions for the animals owned and raised by Missouri dog breeders.

Forget about what the Missouri voters wanted, the Missouri Governor is trying to negotiate a compromise – which fails to go far enough to insure humane conditions for dogs sentenced to live out their miserable lives in Missouri puppy mills.  Here is a list of some of the provisions removed from SB 161, which is being called the “Missouri Solution”. calls for larger cages, which can still be stacked, access to an exercise area and an annual physical exam.  But missing from this bill is the following:

1.  Removes the limit of breeding dogs to 50

2.  Does not require breaks between breeding cycles, so a female dog could end up spending most of her life pregnant or nursing her litter of puppies.

Looks like Republicans have the same respect for dogs and puppies that they do for our seniors in this country.

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Help fight for more humane conditions for dogs in Missouri by sending a letter to Governor Jay Nixon in Missouri.


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